A childhood entrenched in athletics; a family abounding in the fitness industry, and deep-seeded aspirations to help others shaped the man, John Hall, creator and owner of John Hall Studios.

From Pop-Warner football at age 9, to star running back in high school, to a college football scholarship; John Hall’s youth athletic career was full of newspaper clippings and record breaking.

During and after college, John began working as a personal trainer at a Gold’s Gym owned by his uncle. Many of his cousins and uncles were in the fitness industry; from training, to athletics, to bodybuilding.

John realized early that his approach to health and fitness was unique in comparison to many he encountered. He turned his focus to inner conditioning, where he created the philosophy of training from the inside out. The nutritional, mental, and spiritual aspects of fitness are what he deemed the ROOTS – where the physical results of being lean, muscular, injury and illness-free are the RESULTS. The only way to produce great results, is to make sure you have a great root system, right? Adopting the term Optimal Fitness, John established the target of individualized training, personalized and tailored to each client in a manner to help each specific person reach their fitness potential; mentally, physically, and spiritually. He banishes any notion of any client that even hints an air of, “I want to look like…,” “I only need to work on my…” and stresses the virtues and beliefs of overall health and self-assurance.

John briefly pursued an alternate career in Pharmacy. However, after obtaining his Doctorate in Pharmacy from the University of Illinois at Chicago, John realized one thing, Personal Training was still his sole passion in life. His education in prescription drugs and medicine only furthered his plight to find ways to PREVENT, rather than TREAT illness and injury. The side effects of prescription medicines, along with the politics of drug companies pushing their products encouraged John to pursue ways to avoid some of these conventional methods.

After years of training at several Chicago locations, John decided to take his dream to a new level, and opened his first personal training studio in 2001. Now unveiling his new location in the summer of 2007, John Hall Studios continues to grow and become a household name. He looks to open locations in other US cities – further expanding on the John Hall Studios philosophy, and mounting the possibility to reach the lives of more and more Optimally Fit hopefuls.

Aside from being a personal trainer and healthy lifestyle coach, John enjoys playing basketball, golfing, horseback riding, fishing, and shopping. A reconstructed Achilles and knee have long-since shut the door on John’s football career, but he is still extremely active – living each day to its fullest – which is exactly what he encourages his clients to do, and provides them the tools to accomplish it!


To your Health!

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